Friday, December 09, 2005

Life etc

Due to my excessive blogging habits (I currently have about 5), this one remains somewhat neglected. If you are at all interested, do pop along to glowering at livejournal. But for now, I'll have a shot here.

Creative Writing Club was great yesterday. The darling James Henry came in to have a chat, and was very amusing, insightful, and appreciated by all. We all fell slightly in love, in our ridiculous teenage-girlish way. There was much discussion of blogs, and how great they are. I realised half way through that the two year 13s were looking utterly baffled. It then occurred to me that some people don't know what a 'blog' is. What a strange concept.

I have recently been in 'Daisy Pulls it Off' at school. I played Mr Scoblowski, the enigmatic Russian music teacher. There were two performances, on Monday and Tuesday this week. It went well. In some ways. Monday, all went just about okay. I forgot a bit, and made up something about 'coming upon the notion' rather than the original 'discovering'. I'm too wordy for my own good at times. On Tuesday the entire hockey scene entirely fell over, to the point where the stage manager was yelling peoples' lines from back stage, and our team managed to win two goals to three. But it was awful in a funny way, rather than an embarrassing way, so all was well. My accent was truly atrocious, both nights. Whoever had the idea of forcing me into a Russian accent is mad. I don't even know what they sound like. My main influence was The Count out of Sesame Street, who isn't even supposed to be Russian. It was great though, there's this whole bit with treasure, and it is decided that I must be trying to get it to the Bolsheviks, being Russian and all. So, obviously, a Communist. What a great play it is.