Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Not unlike thinly sliced cheddar

I haven't done a proper post for ages. My 16th birthday came and went. I had a party, which was lovely. In the end, no guys turned up, so it was just the girlies. We had dinner and everyone apart from me drank champagne (I don't like the stuff. yuck.), then went and danced and leapt about in the sitting room. Mmm, cake.
Aaaand, there was Easter, for which my mum gave me the nicest egg I've ever had. Really big, absolutely delicious. There was a holiday, though it hardly felt like it as my parents were all 'Grrr. Revise.' I did loads.
I got my hair cut. I went to the Vidal Sassoon school again, for free. I love going there. You get a great haircut, often something really interesting, fo FREE. Or, if you don't have a voucher, for £4.50. Or £11 if you're an adult.

It generally rawks.

Feeder gig. It wasn't the best ever, but it was fun. I managed to have a nosebleed during the (rather good) support acts. Which led to me clutching my nose and dragging F into the toilets, where I proceeded to bleed into a blocked up sink, turning the water there pink. Much fun. It also led to bloodstained sleeves and a big splat on my shoe.

People kept handing us things. I am now the proud owner of
A Feeder transfer(for clothes)
A badge saying 'I've got a lump in my throat'
A 'Shelter' sweatband
And lots of leaflets and stuff.

I had the worst cold over the past few days. Coughing up my lungs, snotting everywhere... Ew. I managed to have a coughing fit at the hairdressers. This time, all the students were Spanish, so there were two translators for interaction with the teachers. This was a bit nerve wracking, tbh. But it turned out ok. I heart my new hair.
The play was on Thursday. It went so well. It was great. Aww. I loved it. It's weird that it's over now, though. It's been such a big part of my life for so long, and now it's just... gone. Hum. Ah well. We'll do another one next term, after the GCSEs. This is the first time I've actually had a proper part, with lots of lines and shit. When Lucia and I kissed (not really. It didn't come out very well actually. Very unrealistic.), I managed to leave a moustache print on her cheek, which made me corpse. I knew eyeliner moustaches are a bad idea.

We tried to go and see Hitchhikers Guide on Saturday, but titdidn't work, so we rented Dodgeball and Finding Neverland instead. Dodgeball was SO much better. It was funny and touching, whereas Finding Neverland was badly-written and annoying. But there was quite a good outtake with Johnny Depp telling the 8-year-old boy to go get 15 prostitutes.