Sunday, February 13, 2005

that was the week that was.

On Saturday me, S and B went to see Closer. It's very good. With the relationships and so forth. I saw a lot of myself in it, with the eternal search for the truth even though it would probably be better not to know. Anyhoo, then B stayed the night (which was nice) and S went home (which was less nice). We had pancakes for breakfast. mmmmmm pancakes.

I got my GCSE art paper. I'm doing something to do with 'the human body'. And it's going to have to be the female body, because I can't draw guys. I think I'm going to do something about teenage girls' distorted body image. Maybe a perfectly normal girl looking into a shop window and seeing all the dummies as being strange. There could be a fat one, and old one, that sort of thing. Obviously this needs more thought. Anyway, the contextual studies thing I'm going to do will probably be mainly Gustav Klimt, who has a gorgeous collection of paintings of women.

On Thursday night night I went to a Life Drawing class. It was very interesting. We started by doing a couple of 2-minute sketches of the model, then progressed to do a 15-minute one. Which became a half-hour one. And then another half-hour one, and that was it. I got some good tips. I focus too much on detail, and don't see the drawing as a whole, apparently. It's a lot easier to draw from a photograph than from life. Less 3-d, I suppose. Most people were working in pencil, but there was charcoal and one person was working with a brush and ink. No-one was exactly a genius, but they weren't bad.

Then I went to a party. A girl at F's school rented out a room in the 'Leopard Lounge' on Fulham road, and there were about 20 people there. It was ok. Not great. The music was really bad.

Stayed the night in the spare room at Ella's afterwards, and got up after much prodding earlier than I would normally conceive possible. Ella's mum Cathy gave me a lift to Putney, which is just a short bus ride from school, so that was nice.

I went ot the dentist on Friday. She fitted in some massive clamp-type-things on the back of my top teeth, with a bar across my mouth. It's a pain, but I'll get used to it. I managed it on the bottom.

This weekend I've been being lazy. I changed my bed earlier, which, for me, involves getting underneath the bed to pull the sheet tight and then climbing inside the duvet cover and doing a dance. Ok, the dance wasn't exactly necessary, but it felt appropriate at the time.

Mum tells me this is eccentric.