Sunday, January 30, 2005

I've spent the day very quietly, tidying up my tip of a room mainly. And doing filing. Lots of filing. I've taken all the crap out of my schoolbag, holepunched it and put it in a file, never to resurface again (probably). Then I made thank you cards for friend B (for doing my i-pod) and aunt L (for giving me my i-pod). And I spent ages on them, so they'd better appreciate it. Gosh, how dull today has been.


Blogger Hodmandod said...

Well, you see some days are dull and useful, and you should get a lot of satisfaction out of making those beautiful cards. You are really blossoming as an artist, far better at drawing than some I can think of who actually have the gall to call themselves 'artists' - in some cases an excuse not to earn a living. You are a start, Eldest.

31 January 2005 at 12:08  
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