Tuesday, December 07, 2004

BEANS! (as a great man once said)

So, I never update here. Y'all know that. Taming of the Shrew went... ok. I got a graze on my knee, and as far as I can recall I fell pver at the wrong moment. But now I'm involved in another play, with the same people. This time I have a proper part. The play is 'The Real Inspector Hound' by Tom Stoppard.


(Because I can't be bothered to make the link priddy.)

The great thing about being in a girl's school is that in a mixed school I would be unlikely to play a character named 'Simon Gascoyne'. But I am. He was originally played by Robin Ellis, who looks like this:


(again, linkage, uploading pictures, far too comlicated)

We had a read through after school today. It's really a very funny play, and the end is just confusing enough to work. Before we started, everyone was flicking through the scripts they just got. Now I know how Gary Oldman felt when he read the fifth Harry Potter. When I got to page 32, I couldn't help crying out 'I die?' For which they laughed at me.

Then we read through it, well, most of it, and I discovered that not only do I die, I also get knocked over by a wheelchair and kiss someone named 'Cynthia' (the exact phrase is 'He seizes her and glues his lips to hers, as they say'. Which should be interesting.

GCSE art mock on Thursday and Friday. I have been doing nothing but prep work for as long as I can remember. And I'm not even finished. But, I'll manage. Then it's Christmas. Then all the other mocks. Then real GCSEs. Then AS levels. Then A2. We had to choose what A levels we're doing the other day. I'm doing English, Maths, Further Maths and Fine Art. Then university. Then (with any luck) post-graduate film-making course. It never ends. Adults don't know how lucky they are, I tell you. Of course, then I have to come out of my nice little education-bubble and get a job, and support myself. Which means rent, bills, living on beans and pot noodle for a couple of years, having to pay for stuff...

Well, if it all works out, I'll be fabulously wealthy by the time I'm 30, so after that it should ease up a bit.

See? I have a plan.


Blogger james henry said...

It's good to have a plan. Did you know Tom Stoppard wrote a prospective film adaptation of 'Northern Lights'. Don't think they'll be using it now though.

I'll add more useless information as I think of it.

7 December 2004 at 22:49  
Blogger Maud said...

No, I didn't know that. He's very good, and I love 'Northern Lights'. Why would they not be using it?

7 December 2004 at 22:53  
Blogger james henry said...

The project has apparently 'passed onto a director who likes to write his own scripts'. Whoever that may be.

You'd have to be pretty confident/foolhardy/utterly stupid to ditch a Tom Stoppard script though, I'd have thought.

7 December 2004 at 23:25  

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