Saturday, September 18, 2004

This week has been mad. On Monday we went to Fame the musical with a whole bunch of friends etc. Good would be an overstatement, but it was fun. On Tuesday I had a rehearsal for the Taming of the Shrew, in which I play the Hostess. This gives me one line, from offstage. Ah well, it's a start. On Wednesday we had a workshop in the afternoon with 'Dramarama', which meant I missed double French (woot). And after school I went to my history teacher, Mr D, to help with my coursework. Which he did, and now it's done. Yesterday there was another rehearsal after school. the person playing Sly, who is very drunk, wasn't there, so I filled in. It seemed to impress Miss W, because today she offered me another part, to add to the one I already had, as another girl dropped out. She said I was very helpful, had a lot of talent, and put a lot of energy into it. Must be all that drunken stumbling from last rehearsal. So, that's good news.

Put B2 to bed last night. After Dad and Mum went to their concert (Michael Feinstein, see for details), B2 decided that I wasn't putting him to bed.
him: "You're not puttin me to bed."
me: "Come here, sit on my lap. Let's have a chat."
him: "No. Your hands are too told (cold)."
me: "Ok, let's have a chat from here."
him: "Otay(ok)."
me: "Now, tonight, Mummy and Daddy have gone out, so..."
him: *strikes a pose* "I'm Ledolas(Legolas)!"
me: "Wow! Are you?"
him: "Yes. I've dot (got) a bow."
me: "I see. Hey, you know what Legolas does?"
him: "What?"
me: "Grooms!"
Somehow I manage to get him up the stairs, into the bathroom.
me: "So, Legolas..."
him: "I'm Bettam (Beckham) now."
me: "What, David Beckham?"
him: "Yes."
me: "You know what David Beckham likes most of all?"
him: "Yes."
me: "What?"
him: "You tell me."
me: "He likes having baths."
him: "And football."
me: "Yes, that too. But mainly baths."

So I got him in the bath, washed, got him out, wrapped him up "lite (like) a pattij (package)", got him into the bedroom. At first he wanted to be spooty (spooky), with the light off, but I had to find find jim-jams. Had some trouble finding pyjamas because parents never leave them in sensible places. Found his 'monster planet' ones eventually amd got him into them. We had stories (the most important part of bedtime). And then the lights went out, I sang 'Tuey Tuey", a Ghanaian song I learnt from my cousin (Tue tue, mamuna, tue tue. tue tue, mamuna, tue tue. Abosom Dar ama dawa dawa tue tue. Ay, mamuna, tue tue. Or something like that.) and Silent night, which I like. And then we made up a song together about a man who jumps over things. Including a window (twice) and a bed. And some shelves. He did the same thing I remember doing when I was younger, which was to become extremely interesting as soon as it's time to go to bed. He asked why we had cheeks (to hold our faces together), why we had chin-choppers (to chop up our food), and why we have noddins (noggins) (to keep our brains in).

So I left, made far too much pasta for myself and watched something about sex education on channel 5 (very amusing).


Blogger Weevil said...

*looks round admiringly* Oooh yes I like what you've done here. You could well have put, oh, 10% on the value by decorating it like this :) Seriously, I find this one much easier to read...

I remember bedtimes with the Sun where he would ask cute question after cute question to try to put off the inevitable; I would field them gently and inch towards the door. And every night we would have a demand for a new story 'from our heads', usually involving Pesky.

Later he would demand passages from his favourite books, and when he discovered reading on his own, well that was it. Tuck him in, kiss him, then leave him to read himself. Parents not required here any more.

Now he kisses me on the cheek and says "Good night," and off he goes up the stairs on his own. Half of me is proud of my grown-up boy. And half misses those old days...

18 September 2004 at 08:19  
Blogger Maud said...

Yes, Mum has been nagging me to sort the decorating out. I found it quite easy to read, but I am apparently in the minority.

Yes, I do the same thing. Kiss on the cheek, 'Good night', go upstairs and refuse to turn the light out until past midnight. My excuse when mum comes in to tell me off: 'But I'm reading a good book! And I just got to an exciting bit!'

Depending on what mood she is, she sometimes sees it from my point of view.

18 September 2004 at 10:09  
Blogger Hodmandod said...

I went on reading to Eldest until after she went to Secondary School, always drawing her forward with 'chapter books' of increasing complexity, including Northanger Abbey. In the end there just wasn't the time when Littlest came along, and we ended half way through Ash Road (about a bush fire in Australia). No 1 Boy still likes a story sometimes - lately we had My Family and Other Animals.

20 September 2004 at 12:25  

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