Sunday, September 05, 2004

I suppose I should put something about myself. Well, I'm a teenage girl living in London, first off. I live with my Mum, Dad, brother 1 (12) and brother 2 (3). My Mum's journal can be found here:

Please do comment. I love getting comments.

I have glasses, braces, spots, you name it. But typical teenager?

I don't think so.


Blogger Hodmandod said...

Well done. Now I can share your ramblings. Can you choose a more readable template though please? And I don't think you are a typical teenager at all, if what one reads in the media is anything to go by. A typical teen seems to be another species, with a one-track mind and other tedious characteristics. Not the bright, funny and beautiful creatures you regularly bring home. So carry on being yourself, and don't allow yourself to be put in any pigeonhole ever. So, I don't believe in a typical teen, any more than I believe in a typical 53 year old. You are you. Lovely and loved.

6 September 2004 at 09:11  
Blogger Hugh said...

Hello. Was hopping from blog to blog. Take care and keep writing. Does the bear have a name?

6 September 2004 at 09:30  
Blogger Hodmandod said...

I posted a long comment. Where did it go? Just wanted to say that I don't believe in typical teens, just as much as I don't believe in typical 23 year olds, 41 year olds or 76 year olds. It is stupid and demeaning to their humanity, the way they are depicted in the media. This teenager is simply a lovely and loved person - her age doesn't matter. (Except in terms of bedtime on schoolnights, Eldest!)

6 September 2004 at 11:37  
Blogger Hodmandod said...

And, please, find a template that is easier to read. Reversed out white on black might risk fewer readers. Love you!

6 September 2004 at 11:38  

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